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Water Leaks


When you’ve got a leaking tap in your kitchen or bathroom, you can hear the steady drip no matter what you’re doing! Dripping taps (or faucets) can lead to water stains and, in the worst cases, even flooded bathrooms. This is an issue that is extremely annoying, bad for the environment and can mean higher water bills.

Our experienced Ware Plumbing Technicians can ensure that your taps are functioning correctly. Whether they are dripping, leaking around the handle, not opening completely to allow for full water flow or causing water hammer – we’ll fix the problem.

Drain Cleaning & CCTV


Clearing blocked drains often needs more than just a plunger. A specialist drains clean, using a high-pressure jet will clear your drain of any foreign debris, ensuring it flows efficiently and preventing costly damage.

Our fully-equipped vans are fitted with the latest technology, including high-pressure water jet and electric eel/snake cleaning equipment to blast and flush away blockages quickly and efficiently.

Our plumbers are specialists in clearing blocked drains of all types of blockages, including grease build-up, tree roots, silt and other debris.

Have you noticed an issue with your drain? Or maybe you’re purchasing a new home and want to make sure you aren’t buying costly plumbing problems? A drain inspection is the only non-invasive way to accurately and efficiently assess the condition of your drains.

Taps & toilets Repairs


Of all the breakdowns that might happen in your house, a toilet failing is probably the most inconvenient – and trying to fix it yourself isn’t fun! Toilet cisterns involve a number of moving parts, and where there are moving parts, there is maintenance involved. A broken toilet can be a massive nuisance, but there is no need to put up with it.

Our local Ware Plumbing Technicians can quickly carry out any repairs and get your toilet running perfectly again. If it needs to be replaced, they will provide you with an upfront and honest quote.

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Gas fitting & Repairs


If electrical appliances aren’t meeting your home’s standards, gas alternatives are another popular option. They are many reasons why you may consider using gas in your household.

Ware Plumbing in Melbourne South East understand every aspect of gas fitting; from quoting through to completion. Our expert solutions can save you on installation and operational costs, while ensuring the safety of all pipes and fittings. We also offer gas servicing and maintenance, available at your request.

Hot Water Systems


Don’t you just hate it when you wake up in the morning only to find you have no hot water? A cold shower isn’t the best way to start your day!

Ware Plumbing plumbers attend regular hot water training so we can handle every kind of repair to all brands and models of water heaters, we assure you will be getting your hot water fixed properly.

Burst Pipe Location & Repairs


Usually when a pipe bursts it happens instantly, but can be difficult to detect. Leaks can occur in concealed pipework, which could be under your house or behind a wall. It is important that you act fast to avoid disasters such as collapsed ceilings, destroyed carpet or buckled floorboards. If the issue is not addressed it can be extremely destructive, causing long-term structural and electrical damage to your property. In these situations, immediate assistance by a professional is vital.

This emergency scenario can be avoided by having one of our local Ware Plumber technicians in Melbourne South East inspect your water pipes; to locate the issue and fix the problem.

Roofing & Repairs


The roof of your property, while mostly hidden from sight, has the potential to make or break your home. Done professionally, good roofing can bring your home to life and increase it’s value. Not to mention that your roof plays a crucial role in sealing your property, protecting it against water leaks and other potential issues.

At Ware Plumbing, we provide a fully comprehensive range of roofing services that are specifically tailored to your unique property. This includes roofing repair, roofing installation, roofing replacement, roof plumbing and roofing restoration.


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